Institut für Informatik III
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Systemgruppe Angewandte Informatik

Notes about/against Phishing:
  • We do not contact our mail users via email to request that they "verify their accounts" or "increase their storage space" etc.
  • We do not request mail users to send their login credentials via email or to give access codes to unknown programs, URLs, embedded links, etc they usually do not use!
    Login credentials are meant for the purpose of authentication while using our well-known services - passwords are not meant to be a substitute of signs of life.
  • In general: be alert to phishing messages! Verify the legitimacy of the information first before acting. Verify through other channels if you smell anything fishy !
  • If you feel someone else is knowing your password, change it immediately in all places you are using it!
    (Afterwards you might consider contacting your systems group and if you believe that someone else has misused / manipulated your account)

Web based access to our email services:

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